Estate Appraisal

Estate Appraisals

Executors to an estate in Maryland need this type of appraisal to determine the value of a property as of the date of death. This type of appraisal is also required by the IRS to determine a cost basis for the asset upon transfer to the beneficiary.

Estate Appraisal

Bankruptcy Appraisals

If your home is included in your Bankruptcy filing in Maryland, the trustee will require an appraisal of any real property assets you own. Therefore it’s especially important to accurately determine its current value. A bankruptcy appraisal will do just that!

Bankruptcy Appraisal

Bankruptcy Planning
Financial Planning & Trusts

Financial Planning & Trusts

Financial Planning & Trust Professionals are consulted to provide well-informed advice. New Era Appraisals has worked with an extensive list of financial and estate planners in Maryland to assist in valuing the real estate in their client’s portfolios.

Financial Planning & Trusts

Tax Appeal Appraisals

Do you feel that your Maryland property tax assessment is incorrect? If so, we can provide an independent, third-party professional appraisal report and persuasively testify on your behalf as to the facts contained in your appraisal report.

Tax Appeal Appraisal

Tax Appeal

Pre-Listing Appraisals

An objective opinion of value prior to listing with a real estate agent helps sellers successfully negotiate with potential buyers. Pre-listing appraisals also decrease the possibility of unknown problems and last-minute repair hassles that may delay closing or cause the sale to fall through.

Pre-Listing Appraisal

Litigation Support

Our appraisals for litigation support in Maryland can provide guidance and documentation at key junctures in litigation involving residential properties. Our team brings all our expertise in appraisals to the litigation environment with an impartial, best practices approach.

Litigation Support

Litigation Support Appraisal
Divorce Appraisal

Divorce Appraisals

Divorce appraisals require a well-supported appraisal by a professional appraiser who has experience dealing with litigation appraisals. To receive a fair settlement it is critical for you to obtain an appraisal to establish the fair market value for the residential real estate involved.

Divorce Appraisal

PMI Removal Appraisals

Once your mortgage loan amount falls below 80% of your homes current market value you can ask the lender to remove your Private Mortgage Insurance. The application process requires an appraisal to verify you’re the current market value of your home.

PMI Removal Appraisal

PMI removal appraisal
Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lending

From purchases to refinances, we are approved with most local and national lenders to provide quality mortgage lending appraisal services. We are FHA and VA approved to perform appraisals in federally regulated transactions for banks and credit unions in Maryland.

Mortgage Lending

More Appraisals

At New Era Appraisals real estate valuations are what we do. Don’t trust the value of your property to an agent or anyone else who claims they have expertise. We are a full service appraisal firm in Maryland specializing in the valuation of residential real estate.

Our Services

Independent & Unbiased Residential Appraisers

New Era Appraisals provides residential appraisal services to Maryland property owners, mortgage lenders, developers, financial institutions, government agencies, accountants, attorneys and estate planning professionals. All our real estate appraisals are prepared in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), applicable federal and state regulatory requirements.

Trusted Industry Experience & Market Knowledge

Our extensive knowledge of the Maryland real estate market enables us to complete projects in a cost-effective and objective manner with quick turn-around times that are always on time. Most residential appraisals are completed in one weeks or less. In addition, each real estate appraisal goes through an extensive internal review process ensuring the highest quality for every assignment.