A professional estate appraisal in Maryland should be performed by a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser to determine the market value of the property. Because the date of death is usually different than the date that the appraisal is ordered, an historical appraisal (also called a retrospective appraisal) is the type of appraisal that can provide the value as of the date of the event in question – in this case, the date of death of the property owner.

As an executor you have been entrusted with the important task of carrying out the wishes of the deceased as swiftly and exactly as possible. It’s no secret, settling an estate is a stressful job. You can count on New Era Appraisals to act quickly, doing our part to bring a swift resolution to an already uneasy time.
Attorneys and Accountants rely on impartial and professional estimations of value for estates. In addition to real property, New Era Appraisals inventories and appraises general personal property (i.e. furniture, vehicles, tools etc.) for the purposes of an estate sale. New Era Appraisals has also developed other professional relationships to appraise specialty items such as jewelry and firearms. Through experience, we have come to understand the needs of all parties involved.

Establishing Market Value is required for the involved residential property and contents therein for estate settlement. Often, the date of death differs from the date the appraisal is requested. New Era Appraisals is fully versed in the procedures and requirements necessary to perform a retrospective appraisal with an effective date and Market Value estimate matching the date of death. Like all appraisers, New Era Appraisals is bound by the ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) with confidentiality, ensuring the fullest degree of discretion.

Just when you think you are done, now you have to deal with taxes. Opinions of value used in documents filed with the revenue authorities should be supported by a detailed report as to how the appraiser arrived at his conclusions. New Era Appraisals has an excellent track record of accuracy and integrity in data analysis and reporting. Our reports demonstrate to the authorities that the numbers used and the analysis of them, are well founded and substantiated.

Solid and substantiated facts and opinions of value are vital to an executor. Meeting IRS and state agency requirements can be an arduous task. It assures peace of mind to everyone concerned because we are there to stand behind the appraisal if it is challenged.

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