Roland Park Community Spotlight

Incorporated in 1918, Roland Park is situated between Tuscany, Wilmslow and Canterbury roads on the east, University Parkway, Falls Road and Jones Falls Expressway on the south and west, and Northern Parkway on the north. The average price of real estate in Roland Park ranges from $550,000 to $650,000.

Roland Park real estate includes nearly 1,000 residences and three business among other attractions. The Baltimore Country Club and Stony Run Park offer residents plenty of open space to enjoy the outdoors. The endless recreational opportunities of Roland Park coupled with the elite private schools of the area such as The Bryn Mawr School and Gilman School create a great atmosphere in which to grow – individually, as a family, and even career-wise.

This small neighborhood was developed by the Roland Park Company, who first laid out street patterns and installed sewer, water, and electrical lines before selling property lots. The homeowners of yesterday signed property deeds that included land-use restrictions and an annual fee that went towards community maintenance. Today, this fee is still collected which has contributed greatly to the neighborhood´s tranquil setting and appearance.

As an upscale neighborhood with tree-lined streets and historic mansions, Roland Park real estate is full of unique homes that are rich in architectural styles.

Roland Park Market Trends

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